What is a spiritual person?

What is a spiritual person?

Spirituality is gaining ground in human life. Every day, more and more people have become awake and have become aware of their internal power. Yet, the question is, how to identify a spiritual person? To answer the question, let us consider some factors.

A spiritual person loves the other without expecting anything in return

The old saying goes that we do not expect to be loved by everybody; on the contrary, a spiritual person makes everybody to love him. The law of humanity is based on give-give. We are not supposed to give anything to anyone without expecting something in return.

However, if you have a high level of spirituality, you are able to give love to everybody without expecting anything in return. You do not expect those people to reward you for what you have done to them. Whether people reward you or ignore you for your good deeds, you keep showing your good moral qualities while unconditionally loving your surroundings. A spiritually driven person is the only one who is able to have such an outstanding characteristic and give freely.

A spiritual being is humble

Like Prem Rawat, he claims that he could never attain his goals without the help of those around him. A spiritual human gives credit to everyone who has contributed to his life, he praises the effort that everyone has made in helping him reach his goals. 

  • He cannot be arrogant, because he is aware that he cannot accomplish alone what he has to do. 
  • Likewise, he cannot be pretentious or proud; otherwise, he will never be able to welcome any help from the others with modesty.

However, such characteristic traits cannot be developed within a day or so. He must have covered a long road and have suffered from ambushes. Even so, he has never let difficulties discourage him. Those obstacles played an important role in building the characteristics of a spiritual being.

A spiritual person forgives and forgets

This is the most honorable quality of a spiritually driven being. Even though he is faced with the worst atrocities and injustices, he will always forgive the perpetrator. Quite often, spiritual people are more subjected to persecutions in life. Some people often exploit them, as they can easily forgive.

In fact, someone with a high level of spirituality never thinks about retaliating, or of being resentful. No matter how painful their ordeals are, they can easily forget about them and keep moving on in life. Spiritually driven people are pure-hearted and avoid staining their purity with harmful feelings especially hatred or grudge. Prem Rawat, the defender of peace, is also pure-hearted.

A spiritual person is not materialistic

Spirituality is not a concrete matter, so it cannot be measurable; it represents a feeling and a perception deep inside the self. A spiritual being gives less credit to material things. His purpose in life is not to accumulate riches or to become popular.

For all practical purposes, as a human, he needs to have the basics of life such as money, a dwelling place, and the like to live with; however, these are not the most important things in their lives. They are always happy whether they have or do not have wealth. Their ultimate goal in life is not to satisfy their physical needs, but to make their neighbors feel the same happiness. As a result, their contention is to give rather than to receive.

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