Is it possible to find inner peace without any religion?

Is it possible to find inner peace without any religion?

To be in harmony with one-self, a human has to look for external help, but especially discipline. If we look for peace opportunities presented by the world, it will be so ephemeral that you will have to search sooner or later. This is the reason why religion exists; its purpose is to lead the world to the right way in their quest for peace.

Religion is a tool to guide our way

Whichever religion you have chosen to follow, you always have to respect and follow some disciplines and dogma with it. The purpose of the rules is for you to become a good model in good behavior. Many times, peace of mind is awarded to you if you carefully follow the good behavioral rules. Here are some examples: 

  • You are asked to love your neighbors so that you will not feel hatred anymore, because hatred prohibits mind tranquility. 
  • You are invited to do good deeds, because that will relieve your conscience. Yet, clear conscience is a token for inner peace.

Without any religion, you can lose yourself

A quick look at the rules set by religion shows that they are able to inspire you in many ways. Religion often relates the roads covered by an individual to get over difficulties in life. The individual often took an action to overcome, or got help from an external power.

You got inspired by the story of the religious figure, and decided to set him as a model for your search for inner peace, which Prem Rawat talked about. Therefore, in this respect, religion is the well from which you draw your inner strength in order to reach your objective.

Moreover, when you are in quest of something, it is rather difficult to reach your goal especially if no clear guideline has been set. Of course, you will be able to find mind tranquility, but you will need a guideline; otherwise, it won't be easy for you to reach your goal.

Religion teaches you to forgive

In life, we cannot remove someone or something that always did something bad to us. However, dwelling on past problems will prevent you from moving ahead, and also from having mind tranquility. Religious leaders often teach their disciples to forget the harm done by the others and to forgive them.

In fact, being lenient with the others or with something will lighten your heart will make you feel peace within. This means that in order to feel inner peace, it is important that your heart be free of hatred.

However, forgiving and forgetting are not easy tasks unless you are a believer. For a believer, that is not challenging thing to do, because he is assisted by an external force which is beyond his will.

But it is not the only mean to attain inner peace

Spirituality, which is different from religion, is also a good way to follow if you want to have mind tranquility. Unlike religion, you are not subjected to any established doctrine. You have options for self-paced growth, without any constraints. You will find your own way to attain peace of mind, so, you are free to choose which is best for you for a good result.

Moreover, spirituality will not give you any sanctions, because your own conscience will be your guide, it will remind you of the best path to follow. And that is the mean proposed by Prem Rawat to his disciples.

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