A good spiritual health, a pledge of happiness?

A good spiritual health, a pledge of happiness?

Each individual on earth is looking for happiness in life. Some look for happiness from any available entertainment. Others find it in their family life. Yet, others resort to spirituality. Is it true that a healthy spiritual life can guarantee happiness?

What is it like to be spiritually in good health condition?

It is difficult to recognize someone who is spiritually healthy from their external appearance. He is the only one who knows what he is doing to keep his spiritual health in good condition. Unlike physical and mental health, it is difficult to measure spiritual health, as it lies so deeply inside everyone who believes in it.

It consists of your ability to liaise with your surroundings. It does not consist of doing intellectual assignments, it is an automatic action. However, when you are in good terms with God, it illuminates your face. The enjoyment of living enlightens you.

When you are spiritually healthy, nothing matters

Someone who has reached a high level of spirituality never holds himself back from hardship or the uncertainties of life. However hard the test is, he hopes that the superior being in whom he trusts will help him undergo any trial. As a result, nothing can harm him. He then feels the inner peace that Prem Rawat has mentioned in his struggle for the world peace.

So, only those who are deeply engaged in spirituality can feel inner tranquility? Moreover, happiness and inner peace usually go hand in hand. Anyone who does not make peace with oneself can never feel happiness.

But what exactly happiness is?

Happiness is the ability to look at the bright side of life. Whatever trials may you have to live in, let us just cope with it without focusing on the hardship and without feeling stressed out. A happy person is not necessarily wealthy or possess everything. Despite accumulating all gold on this planet, if you lack peace of mind in yourself, happiness will never knock on your door. In life, a happy person: 

  • Likes to share, 
  • Likes to give something, 
  • Avoids conflicts, 
  • And especially, has a lot of love to give. As a human being living in a society, we can never be safe from negative reactions and bad actions from our surroundings. So, it might be difficult to feel everything. However, if you are healthy spiritually, it is easy to sense it.

How take care of spiritual health?

If we ask that question the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, he will certainly invite you to a spiritual retreat. It is the only way to become closer to God. At the sites, you will be able to meditate by yourself, to pray, and especially to listen to your conscience.

No external matter will affect your spiritual route toward the divinity. Thus, it will become easy to take care of your spiritual well-being. Yet, that won't be all, because you will have to continue the work you started at those sites. This means that you need to keep coming nearer to God even in your daily life.

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